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CHC43415 Certificate IV in Leisure & Health

Course description

This qualification reflects the role of workers participating in the design, implementation and evaluation of leisure and health activities and programs for  older people. Workers may be in residential facilities and/or in community agencies and day centres,  undertaking leisure and health related tasks. While workers are responsible for their own outputs, work is carried out under direct or indirect supervision within defined organisation guidelines.

Is this course right for me?

The CHC43415 Certificate IV in Leisure and Health is ideal if you want to launch your career in leisure and health. Work in disability, aged care or community settings.

It is also perfect for those currently working in aged care, looking to upskill and build. You will learn more about positive ageing and new ways to enhance the emotional and mental wellbeing of your clients. This is also a wonderful opportunity for existing carers to add more variety into their career. You will have the option to continue working as a carer and working in leisure and health roles or pursuing a new career in leisure and health.

The choice of course is yours!

Be part of the change!

The Aged Care sector is changing. The focus is shifting towards ‘client choice’ care, positive ageing and a desire to further enhance the mental and emotional wellbeing of our ageing population. The positive impact of individual choice and well-designed leisure and lifestyle programs is increasingly regarded as crucial to lifting the standard of aged care and increasing quality of life. As the Aged Care Industry changes, the expectations and skills required of the workforce also evolves.


The following employment opportunities may be available following the successful completion of this course;

 Community Leisure Officer

 Community Recreation Activity

Assistant Diversional Therapy

 Assistant Recreational Activities Officer

 Leisure & Health Coordinator

Please note completion of this course does not guarantee an employment outcome.

To achieve this qualification, you will need to complete the following units of competency:

BSBPEF502   Develop and use emotional intelligence

CHCPAL001  Deliver care services using a palliative approach

CHCDIS001  Contribute to ongoing skills development using a strengths-based approach

CHCDIS002 Follow established person-centred behaviour supports

CHCDIS012 Support community participation and social inclusion

CHCMHS001 Work with people with mental health issues

CHCDIV001 Work with diverse people

CHCLAH001 Work effectively in the leisure and health industries

CHCLAH002 Contribute to leisure and health programming

CHCLAH003 Participate in the planning, implementation and monitoring of individual leisure and health programs

CHCLAH004 Participate in planning leisure and health programs for clients with complex needs

CHCLAH005 Incorporate lifespan development and sociological concepts into leisure and health programming

CHCPRP003 Reflect and improve own professional practice

CHCCOM002 Use communication to build relationships

CHCVOL003 Recruit, induct and support volunteers

HLTAAP002 Confirm physical health status

HLTWHS002 Follow safe work practices for direct client care

(Please note that practical placement is a mandatory component of the course completion and may be impacted by COVID or other infectious outbreaks. Rest assured we will inform you of any changes to your placement and work with you to complete your mandatory placement)

Units are subject to change at any time at Aged Care Training Services’ discretion. 

This course is a blended delivery model and includes:

  • Virtual classroom training delivered via Zoom. You are required to attend set classes every week. We offer either 1-day or 2-days virtual face-to-face training sessions per week, depending on your schedule. We have multiple schedules available to suit you, including day classes (9.30am – 2.30pm) and night classes (6.00pm – 9.00pm).
  • Face to face 2-day clinical practice workshops. Various locations are available.
  • Practical Placement (120 hours). Yes, we organise this for you!
  • Self-paced learning (16 hours per week) including completion of assignments.

You can call us on 1300 785 802 to find out more about the course requirements or download our brochure here.

(Please note that practical placement is a mandatory component of achieving this qualification. In the event that COVID restrictions are enforced or government directives prohibit student placement in workplaces such as aged care facilities your course will take longer to achieve)


This course will be approximately 12 months in duration depending on prior experience, Credit Transfers and the individual needs of the learner.

We provide you with;

  • Ongoing trainer support by phone and email via virtual/online staff
  • Course materials and resources
  • Polo shirt and name badge
  • Placement Police Check

Practical Placement is an important part of your course- 120 hours of practical placement is required to achieve your qualification.
It is a great opportunity to put all your knowledge into action and showcase your skills to a perspective employer.

We arrange your placement for you! We always aim to organise placement for you in a workplace that is aligned with your individual needs and aspirations and if possible conveniently located.

When individuals are undertaking placement they must wear a student uniform at all times. You will be required to dress in the attire as directed by the facility where the complete practical placement. We provide all learners with an ACTS polo shirt and name badge. Any requirements over and above this (such as pants and shoes, you will be required to organise for yourself and is not provided to you by ACTS.

Where required by the employer, students must undergo an NDIS check prior to placement. All students starting work for registered NDIS providers in certain types of roles called risk assessed roles will need an NDIS Clearance before they can start work. An NDIS Clearance is valid for 5 years from the date of the notice unless it is surrendered or revoked.

Further information

  1. In the event a replacement polo shirt is required, a fee of $30 will be charged.
  2. Please note: Due to the current Coronavirus pandemic, ACTS cannot guarantee ongoing placement if a COVID outbreak occurs in the facility where practical placement has been organised. All efforts will be made to keep you up to date on when placement can again occur, once the facility provides ACTS with the ‘all clear’ and resumes taking student placements.

Entry Requirements

There are no prerequisites to gain entry into CHC43415 Certificate IV in Leisure & Health


For entry into this course you will require adequate language, literacy and numeracy (LLN) skills in English that allow you to read and interpret information, understand training, demonstrate leadership skills as well as provide and follow clear instructions, and prepare written assignments and documents for assessment.


  • Obtain a police check/certificate prior to practical placement
  • Willing and physically able to do practical placement
  • Undertake a Language, Literacy and Numeracy (LLN) assessment so that the appropriate support can be provided and or sourced
  • This course is virtual so you must have access to the internet, a computer with a camera and microphone, and have basic computer literacy
  • The ability to work autonomously and a commitment to attend virtual sessions

We encourage people with disabilities to apply.

To ensure we meet your learning needs we will conduct an LLN before you enrol.

No need to be discouraged about this as the LLN is a great tool to allow us to identify any extra support you may require.

Course Locations

We are approved to deliver training in the following locations:

  • Sydney

NSW Fee Free

NSW Fee Free January to June 2024 improves access to training. It does this by offering course in priority industries, fee free.  

CHC43415 Certificate IV in Leisure & Health is a priority course and part of the NSW Fee Free initiative. 

Access to NSW Fee Free places is limited and is subject to: 

  • availability of a NSW Fee Free place 
  • commencing training a NSW Fee Free priority course between 1 January 2024 to 30 June 2024 
  • meeting the student eligibility requirements below. 

Who is eligible?

Smart and Skilled provides eligible students with: 

  • an entitlement to government-subsidized training up to and including Certificate III 
  • government funding for higher-level courses (Certificate IV and above) in targeted priority areas. 

Under Skills NSW, you may be able to study a fee-free course if you are: 

  • 15 years old or over 
  • no longer at school 
  • living or working in NSW 
  • an Australian citizen, permanent resident, humanitarian visa holder, or New Zealand citizen. 

Smart and Skilled eligible students that enrol in a NSW Fee Free Jan – June 2024 priority qualification between 13 November 2023 to the 30 June 2024 with a commencement date between 1 January 2024 to 30 June 2024 are eligible for a NSW Fee Free place, subject to the availability of a NSW Fee Free place. 

Please note that NSW Fee Free places are limited. 

All students must have a valid USI prior to enrolment. 

Use the Skills Compare  search to find a course and check your eligibility. 

Evidence of Eligibility is required. Check your eligibility here: Smart and Skilled Fee Administration Policy.

Once the NSW Fee Free places have been exhausted, pricing will be updated immediately. 

Eligibility Evidence Guide

Students must provide at least ONE piece of evidence for EACH eligibility category that applies:

(insert table)

Fee Free Scholarships

The NSW Government’s Smart and Skilled Fee-Free Scholarships mean that students can get training to get the skills they need to get the job they want and their course fees will be covered.

Smart and Skilled Fee-Free Scholarships are available for:

  • young people who are eligible for a concession fee
  • young people who are or have been in out-of-home care
  • people who are experiencing or have experienced domestic and family violence and their dependents.

Are you eligible? 

To be eligible for a Fee-Free Scholarship, you must:


  • be aged between 15 and 30 years when you start training; and
  • be either the recipient of a specific Commonwealth Government benefit or allowance or the dependant of such a recipient; or
  • be aged 15-17 years and currently in out-of-home care or aged 18-30 years and previously have been in out-of-home care


  • be aged 15 years or over and have a letter of recommendation from a domestic and family violence service, refuge or other support agency.

You are eligible for one scholarship per financial year and a maximum of two scholarships over four financial years. This limit does not apply if you live in NSW Social Housing or on the NSW Housing Register (waiting list); or if you meet the out-of-home care criteria for a Fee-Free Scholarship.

Diploma and Advanced Diploma level qualifications are not eligible for Fee-Free Scholarships.

For more information on the eligibility for Fee-Free Scholarships please refer to the Smart and Skilled Fee Administration Policy

Fee exemptions

Fee exemptions apply to students who qualify as: 

  • Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. 
  • People with a disability (that is people who meet the disability fee exemption criteria, including the dependent child, spouse or partner of a recipient of a Disability Support Pension). 
  • Refugees and asylum seekers (that is people who meet the refugee and asylum seeker eligibility and exemption criteria). 

Evidence of Eligibility is required – refer to the Smart and Skilled Fee Administration Policy

ACTS will support you all the way as you enrol into the right NSW Government subsisted training program. 

ACTS follows the following process for enrolling a student in a NSW Government subsidised course under Smart and Skilled. 

  1. Step 1: Contact us about the course you are interested in we will give you an overview of the course, possible job outcomes and entry requirements and make sure it is the right course that suits your needs. 
  2. Step 2: We conduct a preliminary eligibility assessment for the relevant subsidised course (you can also check your Eligibility here)  and send a pre-enrolment pack including an Application Form and a Consent form giving ACTS permission to provide your information to Smart and Skilled and other Government bodies. 
    • USI:  At this stage you need to provide or create a Unique Student Identifier (USI website) or give us permission to help you get one. 
    • Credit Transfer or Recognition of Prior Learning: You also need to let us know if you want to apply for any Credit Transfer or Recognition of Prior Learning for the course as this will affect your subsidy and any potential course fees. 
  3. Step 3: Once you have returned your Consent Form and Application Form we will validate eligibility and generate the fees chargeable (factoring in any Credit Transfer or Recognition of Prior Learning), subsidies and loading via the Smart and Skilled Provider Calculator. You will be provided with Course Fees Agreement for your review and approval. 
  4. Step 4: Attend an enrolment session with ACTS and complete your LLN, provide evidence of eligibility and finalise your enrolment including the Course Fees Agreement. 
  5. Step 5: ACTS will enrol you into the course and generate a Notification of Enrolment Report. Successful Notification of Enrolment will result in the issuing of a Commitment ID (your NSW Smart and Skilled student ID).
    At this stage it is official – congratulations! You will receive a copy of your Notification of Enrolment and a welcome letter.  
  6. Step 6: Attend LMS onboarding and commence your course. You need to start your course within 28 days of the date of your Notification of Enrolment. 

 Unique Student Identifier (USI) 

The USI is a 10 digit alphanumeric number that you create through usi.gov.au website. The purpose of the USI is to consolidate all nationally recognised training and assessment that you have undertaken since 01/01/2015. The USI is an individual number, specific only to you and will stay with you for life. 

Not sure if you have one? 

If you have undertaken nationally recognised training since 01/01/2015, unless you have been exempt to holding one, you likely have one created. If unsure, you can Find your USI by providing your Email Address or your Mobile Number, answering some questions and providing some personal details or providing personal details and an identification document. 

If you are unsure if you have a USI, first check to see if you have one before creating. 

If you require assistance locating your USI, please call Emergency Australia on 1300 857 918. 

How to create a USI 

Before you start the process you will need to have access to one or more forms of acceptable identification. This includes: 

  • Australian passport 
  • non-Australian passport (with Australian visa) 
  • Australian birth certificate 
  • Australian driver’s licence 
  • Medicare card 
  • certificate of registration by descent 
  • Centrelink concession cards 
  • citizenship certificate 
  • ImmiCard 

 If you are in Australia and need to obtain a Unique Student Identifier (USI), here’s the process: 

  1. Visit the USI Website: Go to the official USI website at https://www.usi.gov.au/. 
  2. Get your USI:  On the website, you will find an option to get your USI. Click on it and follow the prompts to provide the necessary information. 
  3. Create USI: Once you have accepted the terms and conditions you will be prompted to Create an account: 
  4. Verify Your Identity: You will need to have certain identification documents on hand to verify your identity. The types of documents required may include a driver’s license, passport, Medicare card, or other forms of identification. Follow the instructions on the website to complete the identity verification process. 
  5. Complete the Registration: Once your identity is verified, you can complete the registration process by providing additional details such as your contact information and other relevant details. 
  6. Receive Your USI: After successfully completing the registration, you will be issued a Unique Student Identifier (USI). Make sure to keep this number safe, as you will need it for any future vocational education and training in Australia. 

It’s important to note that the process may be subject to updates or changes, so it’s advisable to visit the official USI website or contact their support for the most current and accurate information. 

 Permissions to access your USI 

As you are applying for subsidised training, you will need to set your USI permissions to allow ACTS and the NSW Department access to your USI record. 

Providing USI Transcript Access 

To provide access for registered training organisations to view your USI transcript: 

  1. Navigate to the Student login area of USI portal via: https://portal.usi.gov.au/student 
  2. Read and Agree to the Terms and Conditions and click next 
  3. Login using either your USI or the Email address used when creating your USI.
  4. Click on Provide your USI. 
  6. Click on Add Organisation 
  7. Type “Aged Care Training Services” into the Organisational Name field and Click Search  
  8. Century Group Pty Ltd will be displayed in the results. Click Add 
  9. Select View VET Transcript permission and set the expiry date for at least 3 months and click Save 

If done successfully, a message will be displayed stating The Organisation has been successfully added to your Permission list. 

Recognition of Prior Learning is the acknowledgment of any skills or knowledge you have obtained outside of the formal education and training system. 

We look at skills or knowledge you may have obtained through life and work experience, paid or unpaid work as well as skills you may have gained through your interests and hobbies. 

We take what you have accomplished throughout your life and compare it to the qualification or unit/s in which you are enrolled. If we find that your current skills and knowledge cover the required competencies, then brilliant – we will issue you your qualification. If we find that there are some gaps in your skills and knowledge you may need to complete some additional training to get you up to speed. 

This means that you may not need to complete formal training and assessment for qualifications or unit/s that you have been granted RPL for, how good is that? 

The beautiful thing about RPL is that: 

  •  You won’t need training for the skills and knowledge you already have, therefore the amount of formal training session you attend may be reduced 
  • You may be qualified quicker as the time taken to complete your qualification may be shortened 
  • You won’t ever have to utter the words ‘But I already know this’ to your trainer as they will have determined what you know and can move you onto new and exciting stuff. 

Credit Transfers

We accept and provide credit to learners for units of competency and/or modules (unless licensing or regulatory requirements prevent this) where evidenced by the below: 

  • AQF certification documentation issued by any other RTO or AQF authorised issuing organisation; or 
  • Authenticated VET transcripts issued by the USI Registrar 

We will determine eligibility for Credit Transfer by mapping the unit/s covered in the already acquired Qualification or Statement of Attainment with the unit/s included in your chosen qualification. Where a direct correlation exists a Credit Transfer will be granted. This will mean that you will be exempt from completing that unit/s. 

The process for applying for Credit Transfer is as simple as presenting us with your original Qualification and/or your Statement of Attainment, so that we can verify and take a copy for your learner records. 

There is no charge for the application of credit transfer and there will be a reduction in course fees. 

Making the decision to defer from your course is significant and we understand that life can throw unexpected challenges your way. At Aged Care Training Services, we’re here to support you every step of the way.  

 If you’re contemplating a deferral, we encourage you to explore the various support options available to you before making a final decision. 

  • We offer the flexibility to switch between schedules, allowing you to find a schedule that may better align with your current situation. 
  • Struggling with course material? Our experienced trainers can provide one-on-one support to help you navigate challenges, clarify concepts, and get back on track. 

A deferral can be a temporary pause of up to 6 months duration, to overcome challenges and return with a renewed focus. 

 The process: 

  1. Submit the Online Request to Defer Form: Complete the deferral form on our website. 
  2. Written Request to Defer via email: Alternatively, submit a written request via email specifying the following- 
    • Name 
    • Course 
    • The date of deferral  
    • The date you intend to return to your course. 
    • The reason for deferral 

Our Student Engagement team will stay in touch with you, checking in about one month before your expected return date to discuss your return to study. 

We understand that there can be personal and life circumstances where students need to discontinue their studies. If this is your situation, please follow the process below.  

Before making this decision, however, we urge you to consider if there is anything we could do or support we could provide that could help you complete the course rather than discontinue your studies.   

Embarking on your qualification journey involves navigating challenges, and we’re here to provide support through it all. If you are experiencing barriers regarding any aspect of your training delivery, we encourage you to reach out to our General Manager, who is prepared to engage in open discussions, address your concerns, and collaboratively explore resolutions tailored to your needs. Whether you encounter challenges with our training delivery, face difficulties with the assessment strategy, or experience any concerns with your assigned trainer, we understand that difficulties may arise.   

Your success remains our priority, and we are committed to facilitating a training journey that aligns with your goals- this includes addressing any concerns related to the training and assessment delivery you may have.  

Withdrawal Process: 

  1. Submit the Online Discontinuing Studies/Withdrawal Form: Complete the withdrawal form on our website. 
  2. Written Request via email: Alternatively, submit a written request via email specifying the following- 
    • Name 
    • Course 
    • The date training will end 
    • The reason for withdrawal 
  3. Upon confirmation that the withdrawal is approved we will:
    • Mark outstanding training and assessment activities. All submitted activities and assessments that are to be marked will be actioned and results actioned accordingly. 
    • Updated Training Plan: Your training plan will be updated to reflect changes, and you will receive a copy for your records. 
    • Statement of Attainment: Issuance of a Statement of Attainment for competent units of competency (This will be issued within 30 days.) 
    • Issue refund for units that have not yet started: A full refund for any units that have not started. (calculated as per the refund policy and procedure) 

All training is delivered by us! We do not have third parties delivering on our behalf.

We are an approved Registered Training Organisation. Our RTO # is 6127. http://training.gov.au/Organisation/Details/6127

Our legal name is Century Group Pty Ltd. We trade under the names of Arrow Training Services as well as Aged Care Training Services.

We are responsible for the quality of the training and assessment you receive and all compliance. We are also responsible for the issuance of the AQF certification documentation (Your qualification!) We are committed to delivering a training experience worth talking about! (in a good way of course)

If at any point time you are not satisfied with us, please feel free to Contact Us for assistance.

CHC43415 Certificate IV in Leisure & Health is a nationally recognised qualification and an industry endorsed program which has been created to provide training for people who are eager to gain employment as an aged care support worker.

During your learning journey, you will benefit from extensive support provided by the ACTS team throughout every stage.

Your trainer acts as your main contact point and is easily accessible during scheduled class sessions. Moreover, beyond class hours, you have the flexibility to arrange one-on-one appointments either directly with your trainer or through the Learning Management System (LMS) to receive personalised assistance with assessments or additional guidance.

The Student Engagement Team is available to assist you with navigating the LMS, update you on your course progress, help with any timetable questions or changes and address any non-academic queries you may encounter.

In the event you are going to be absent please advise Student Engagement as soon as possible.

When you are ready to embark on your placement, the dedicated Placement Coordinator will assist you in preparing all necessary documentation, organizing your placement, and ensuring you receive adequate support throughout this period.

Our Student Engagement team contact hours are 8.30am – 5.00pm (AEST), Monday – Friday.

Our Student Support Consultants can be contacted on:

You may find a time when you don’t agree with an assessment decision, the way training has been conducted or any aspect of our business. 

You may wish to lodge a complaint or appeal a decision and that’s OK! We are here to help support you through this process. 

NSW Smart and Skilled Consumer Protection Policy 

As a student, you’re covered by Smart and Skilled consumer protection measures. See the Smart and Skilled website for more information.  

As the first step, you’re encouraged to speak to ACTS about any issues or concerns about your training with your Smart and Skilled program. You can contact our consumer protection officer who can help you with your concerns. 

You can also contact the Smart and Skilled customer support centre to seek assistance, ask for advice, make a complaint or provide feedback. 

NSW Smart and Skilled Complaints Contact Information: 

Phone: 13 28 11 / 1300 772 104 

Email: SmartandSkilled.Enquiries@det.nsw.edu.au 

Smart and Skilled online enquiry and feedback form 

Century Group Pty Ltd trading as Aged Care Training Services RTO 6127. This training is subsidised by the NSW Government. We encourage people with disabilities to apply. Completion of this course does not guarantee an employment outcome. 

Training in priority qualifications is fee-free and fully funded by the NSW and Commonwealth Governments.

Find out more:

  • NSW Smart and Skilled funding, eligibility at; Website: www.smartandskilled.nsw.gov.au Phone: 1300 77 21 04
  • Century Group Pty Ltd’s policies for consumer protection, fees and refunds, eligibility, complaints and appeals, privacy, access and equity and student support on our website; and also summarised in the ACTS Learner Guide.