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Request to Withdraw form

We understand that there can be personal and life circumstances where students need to discontinue their studies. If this is your situation, please follow the process below.  

Before making this decision, however, we urge you to consider if there is anything we could do or support we could provide that could help you complete the course rather than discontinue your studies.   

Embarking on your qualification journey involves navigating challenges, and we’re here to provide support through it all. If you are experiencing barriers regarding any aspect of your training delivery, we encourage you to reach out to our General Manager, who is prepared to engage in open discussions, address your concerns, and collaboratively explore resolutions tailored to your needs. Whether you encounter challenges with our training delivery, face difficulties with the assessment strategy, or experience any concerns with your assigned trainer, we understand that difficulties may arise.   

Your success remains our priority, and we are committed to facilitating a training journey that aligns with your goals- this includes addressing any concerns related to the training and assessment delivery you may have.